Welcome to SATRO, where inspiring young people is part of everyday life.   
Read our new Impact Report here and watch a short video overview here
Inspirational STEM workshops, cross-school challenges, research placements and our annual SATROFest.   We bring industry volunteers into schools and link to curriculum and Gatsby Benchmarks.
Delivering BTEC Level 1 vocational construction courses to all abilities.  We also offer shorter Taster Sessions and an SEN Practical Skills SATRO Award.
A range of activities for all age groups focussing on improving and challenging students’ understanding of careers, their pathways to employment and the skills they will need for the future.  
Our Aims

SATRO is a long established educational charity working across South Central England.  We work in schools, partnering with employers to bring inspirational learning to students of all abilities and backgrounds.  We have three key areas of focus:

  • STEM Education: delivering in-school workshops, multi-school challenges and events, and research projects which bring STEM learning and careers to life for students from Primary to Post-16.
  • Vocational Construction: delivering BTEC Level 1 construction qualifications, practical construction workshops and SEN independent skills training from school age to young adults.
  • Employability & Skills: delivering careers, enterprise & skills workshops and mentoring partnerships which challenge perceptions and prepare students for their next steps in education, training or employment.

All areas of our work directly involve employers in the development of real-world scenarios and careers understanding, including the involvement of staff as volunteers in delivery.  

We offer our services to all types of schools and students of all abilities - accepting every student for who they are.  We provide a full service to schools from booking, to the provision of all materials & equipment required on the day, administration of volunteers and delivery is led by experienced tutors.  We measure impact and feedback for all interventions with input from students, teachers and volunteers. 

As a charity we engage with charitable trusts, individual donors and corporate responsibility programmes. A key focus for us as a charity is to bring our work to those lacking access to opportunities in our three key programme areas.