Raising Aspirations in Secondary & Post-16

Our focus is to challenge students perceptions of the world of work, the skills and aptitudes, pathways to employment and the breadth of careers available to them.  The aim being to building their aspirations for a successful future.

  • Delivery cross curricula based real-world applications
  • Widen horizons and challenge perceptions
  • Bringing current industry & LMI experience into what we deliver
  • Employee engagement and mentoring
  • Understanding & developing transferable skills for careers
  • Understanding of science and technology for our future world

Key to our events and workshops is the engagement of volunteers from across a broad spectrum of industries in our region meeting Gatsby Benchmarks.

SATRO delivers to whole year groups, individual classes and can provide a series of timetabled sessions.  We work with all abilities and are able to adapt to student needs and the size of the school.  It is also possible to put together discounted packages that will support across the academic year meeting your aims in all year groups. 

Our prices are supported by charitable funding with additional support to specific programmes. We welcome enquiries from all schools and will endeavour to further support all those with high levels of disadvantage.  

Our Events
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Sustainability, Maths, Science
Years 7-9
A Sustainable Future
An opportunity for pupils to learn about Sustainability and the solutions to Climate Change.  Students assess our impact on the world and understand how to become more environmentally friendly.    
Coding, Careers
Years 7-9
Digital Challenge
Launching this autumn - a new modular challenge for full year or class groups exploring skills, aptitudes and the range of digital careers on offer across all businesses in our region.
Sustainability, Enterprise
eco apps
Years 7-10
Eco Apps 
A team activity that combines learning about four key environmental issues and finding solutions within a business context.  This challenge gives teams the opportunity to be creative and entrepreneurial.
Business, Enterprise, Maths
Philp Southcote Jan 23
Years 7-11
Enterprise and Business Game
Teams of students run a manufacturing business for the day, taking on the roles of CEO, Head of Marketing, Accountant etc. 
Sustainability, Structures, Careers, Enterprise, Business, Maths
Years 7-11
Sports Arena Challenge 
Student teams design and model Sports Arenas to house multiple sports at a major sports event.  The project  cost is estimated and plans for sustainable usage after the Games are made.  
Multi School, Science, Careers
Fluor Challenge  - Judges
Years 7-11
Girls into STEM
An event focused on encouraging young girls to consider a career in STEM.  Delivery can be in a single school or bring together smaller groups from different schools.  Role models from industry will bring real-world experience. 
Multi School, Science, Careers
Years 7-11
An opportunity for 'off-curriculum' days to bring inspiring learning into school from our range of workshop, challenges and careers offers.  
Multi School, Science, Maths, Sustainability
Years 7-13
Problem Solving Challenge
Teams of six students in Key Stage groups take on an unseen problem solving challenge testing their STEM and work skills.  We hold area heats to compete for a space at the Grand Final.
SMArT goals 2 small
Years 8-11
Careers: Aiming High
An hour-long workshop bringing students into direct contact with business volunteers to inspire them to recognise their potential and give them practical first-hand guidance on different career paths.
Careers, Multi School, Science, Business, Construction
Years 8-9
20th February 2024  Register Now: an opportunity to meet employees from the world of STEM employment and to learn more about pathways, job roles, skills and to try some hands-on activities.
Years 9 -13
Vocational Construction 
Our construction classrooms come weekly to your site to teach practical hands-on construction skills.  We provide all the tools, equipment, materials and training across all abilities.   Our tutors have experience in the industry and teaching. They have chosen to work with us to inspire the next generation in construction. 
Destination STEM
 Years 9-13
STEM Careers Mentoring
SATRO are a regional partner with STEM Learning offering free online careers mentoring programme for disadvantaged students within the M25 London Area.  The first group will start in October 2024 for 10 weeks.Students will choose their mentor and interact through a moderated digital platform provided by the Brightside Trust and sponsored by GSK.
 Years 10-11
Everyone needs a mentor at some point, but for students aged 14 - 16, the support of an independent listening ear can be invaluable and transformative. Our mentoring programmes are predominately 1:1 and face to face.  
Careers, Business, Science, Sustainability, Construction
Ion Beam
Year 12
SATRO Research Placements
 Year 12 Students undertake a STEAM based research project, working within an employer or academic research environment. The placement runs part-time for 2-4 weeks virtually during the Summer (dependent on the project allocated).  This enables students to research a topic with support from qualified professionals and experts.
Home Education
Years 7-9
Home Education
We offer a range of activities for students who are currently home educated, including any of our workshops. We also hold drop in STEM events, keep an eye out here for dates!