Inspiring Learning in Primary

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Fantastic News - SATRO have secured additional funding for 2024!  This means that in these difficult times we can bring an inspirational workshop into your school to support curriculum learning.  Prices are reduced for a limited period for state schools, one booking per school in the period January to May 2024:

  • Single class -1 session £85 
  • Two classes - 2 sessions £170
  • Three classes - 3 class sessions £255

Sessions normally run (start of day to morning break, break to lunchtime, lunch to end of day) with the same workshop to accommodate multiple form entry.  Standard prices are shown below and we will offer multiple booking discount alongside this offer on those if booked at the same time.


We aim to inspire primary students to be curious and expand their horizons by providing:

  • Fun approach to learning around the curriculum,
  • Equipment and resources not usually available in schools,
  • Integration of real-world experience and early career thinking,
  • Identifying new ‘soft’ skills for learning and life,
  • Understanding of science and technology for our future world.
SATRO delivers to whole year groups, individual classes and can provide a series of timetabled sessions.  We work with all abilities and are able to adapt to student needs and the size of the school.  It is also possible to put together discounted packages that will support across the academic year meeting your aims in all year groups. 

Our prices are supported by charitable funding with additional support to specific programmes. We welcome enquiries from all schools and will endeavour to further support all those with high levels of disadvantage.  We bring the fun of a trip into the school helping to make fun learning available to all.

Our Events
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Design Technology
Years 1-2
Shapes make Structures
Pupils will work in pairs, one class at a time, to design and build structures.  They will gain an understanding of 2D and 3D shapes.
Years 1 - 2
CSI Goldilocks
A workshop investigating evidence and problem solving.  Involving team work and deduction to identify who committed the crime.
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Years 1-3
Hands-on understanding of the process of pollination, parts of the plant, how plants communicate and movement of water through the plant. 
Years 1-4
Build & Code 
Pupils will work in pairs, one class at a time, to design, engineer and program Lego models using Ipads, a motor and sensors.
Multi School, Sustainability, Enterprise
energy monitoring
Years 1-6
Energy Saving Challenge
A six-month long competition to encourage electricity saving in school and reduce carbon emissions.  Delivered with Powercor metering technology.
finches equipment photo
Years 3-6
Inheritance & Evolution
Join Charles Darwin on The Beagle and discover the amazing world of natural selection and explore the theory of evolution, the science behind it and the history of scientific discovery.
Design Technology
building bridges s
Years 3-7
Building Bridges
Teams of students use kNex to learn the concepts of bridge design.  They then use their knowledge to design and model their own solution to a set problem.  
forces equipment photo
Years 3-6
Forces & Magnets
A workshop exploring different forces, how they work, and their effects on objects.  Also observing that magnetic forces can act at a distance, attract or repel some materials and not others.
Years 3-7
Fascinating Fossils
A workshop exploring how fossils are formed and the information we can gain from them.  Using group work and virtual reality to bring the wonderful world of fossils into the classroom.
Years 3-9
Fun Maths
Students work in pairs/threes to solve different maths puzzles that challenge them to use mathematical reasoning, number facility, deductive reasoning, reading comprehension and critical thinking - all while having fun and working in a team.  Ideal preparation for SATs.
Years 3-6
Insects & Classification
Explore the wonderful world of insects in this workshop, which looks at types of insects, how we classify living things and how we sample them in the field.
Years 3-8
Science of Health
A workshop looking at the definition of health and how it is measured through practical activities, group work and technology. Using VR technology and health apps we bring learning to life.
Sustainability, Maths
Years 3-9
A Sustainable Future
An opportunity for pupils to learn about Sustainability and the solutions to Climate Change.  Students assess our impact on the world and understand how to become more environmentally friendly.    
sustainable materials
Years 3-9
Sustainable Materials
A workshop with the aim of developing a product using sustainable materials for a particular target audience.  This includes exploring different types of plastics and the issues of recycling.
Years 3-7
Rocking Rocks
A workshop exploring rocks, the rock cycle and bringing the work of geologists to life through practical activities and virtual reality. 
Years 4-6
A workshop exploring circuits, components, conductors & insulators, light, sound and sustainable energy.
Coding, Maths
Mission to Mars photo s
Years 4-6
Mission To Mars
Pupils will work in pairs, one class at a time, to program robots using BBCmicrobits, a computer and inventblocks engineer kit.
Multi School, Science, Coding,Design Technology, Sustainability
Year 5 - 6
Primary Science Fair
This event is an opportunity to bring together Year 5 Primary feeder schools who will be moving on to the same Secondary school.  A fun event with hands-on activities and challenges based on inspiring learning and teamwork.
Design Technology, Maths, Multi School
Years 5-6
Building Challenge
A team activity to challenge student's thinking and maths skills, teamwork and communication whilst learning about the world of work in a fun and structured way.
Sustainability, Enterprise
eco apps
Years 5-6
Eco Apps 
A team activity that combines learning about four key environmental issues and finding solutions within a business context.  This challenge gives teams the opportunity to be creative and entrepreneurial.
Enterprise, Maths
Philp Southcote Jan 23
Years 5-11
Enterprise and Business Game
Teams of students run a manufacturing business for the day, taking on the roles of CEO, Head of Marketing, Accountant etc. 
Multi School, Science, Maths
Years 5-6
Problem Solving Challenge
Teams of six students in Key Stage groups take on an unseen problem solving challenge testing their STEM, teamwork skills and creativity.  
Home Education
Age 5 - 11
Home Education
We offer a range of activities for students who are currently home educated, including any of our workshops. We also hold drop in STEM events, keep an eye out here for dates!
coming soon
New for 2024-25
Curriculum Support
Additional workshops are coming soon on the topics of Properties of Matter and Space.  If there is something we don't cover that you would like support in get in contact with us.