Sustainable Materials
A half day workshop around developing a product using sustainable materials. 
Gatsby Benchmarks: 
This activity helps towards meeting the following GATSBY Benchmarks: (GB4) Linking Curriculum Learning and Careers. 
sustainable materials
Years 3-9
What is it?

The workshop will cover:

  •    The uses of plastics in everyday life
  •    Issues around plastic recycling
  •    Designing a product for a target audience
  •    Costing a product

The goals for Sustainable Materials are to:

  •    Introduce the idea of sustainable products and moving away from single use plastics.
  •    Allow students to design and market a sustainable product.
  •    Allow students to experience the various elements of careers in product design.


How much does it cost?

£250 for half day/£400 for full day.  Delivered by a STEM Tutor.  
Can be half day or full day.  Differentiated  by age and designed to fit with your timetable.