SATRO is an educational charity working across the South East of England. We work in schools with young people between the ages of 7-18 of all abilities. 

A Passion For Inspiring Young People
What We Do
Surrey SATRO was originally founded in 1983 as part of a wider regional network which was dissolved with the removal of government funding. The current charity was registered in 1994 and receives no such funding.

Our charitable aims are to educate young people in science, technology, business practice and associated skills. Today we work in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex and into the London Boroughs providing activities, events and qualifications to primary, secondary and post-16 students. We work with all abilities and within all settings from mainstream to special needs, and pupil referral units to alternative provision. 

As a charity we engage with charitable trusts, individual donors and corporate responsibility programmes. A key focus for us as a charity is to bring our work to elements of the disadvantaged student population lacking access to opportunities.  This may be access to activities which cultivate their interests or a guide to their pathways for the future.  We work with those at risk of being left behind within society and by the education system, to those with specific needs who require additional support in their learning.  Providing access to learning, inspiration and mentoring that has the potential to broaden their horizons and challenge their future aspirations.

To support our work we also provide our services to schools who are able to meet the cost themselves or are supported to do so through sponsorship.  Our pricing reflects our charitable aims providing a wide range of access and support to all.

We bring together schools, employers and their staff, on a one to one basis, at classroom or school level and to participate in regional challenges and large-scale events. SATRO works with approximately 10,000 young people a year, from ages 6 to 19, including SEND and students who are disengaged from education or at risk of becoming so. 

Our stakeholders trust in us to deliver. We are known and respected by not only the quality of our programmes, but for the measurable outcomes that demonstrate the positive impact on young people. 
Who's Who within SATRO
SATRO's Patrons act as ambassadors for our charitable aims, whilst our Trustees are responsible for the operation of the charity and its business.  We are priveleged to have representatives from across the world of public service, industry and business to support and lead the strategy of SATRO.

Our staff are core to our operations and bring a range of experience from industry, education and business.  They ensure that the programmes we deliver meet the highest quality and are inspirational to the students that attend them.

We also have an excellent team of SATRO Associates who work with us to deliver many of our activities into schools.  They bring their specific experience and work closely with SATRO's staff and volunteers.

If you would like to find out more about our team:
Our History
There were originally 47 SATROs (Science And Technology Regional Organisations) across the country funded by government.  The pre-cursor to which in Surrey was the Technology and Science Centre started in 1971. 

Surrey SATRO was started in 1994 as a charity.  Today we are the only remaining named SATRO organisation after government funding was withdrawn in 2011.

A selection of interesting dates in SATRO's history:
  • 1985 Start of Primary Science programme
  • 1987 First Problem Solving Challenge
  • 1997 First Festival of Science & Engineering
  • 1998 Take on management of the Surrey EBP (Education Business Partnership)
  • 2006 Mobile Construction Classrooms started
  • 2012 First Surrey TeenTech
  • 2013 Launch of SATROclub
  • 2016 Awarded Careers & Enterprise Company contract for mentoring in Surrey/Hampshire
  • 2017 SATRO volunteers nominated for Queen's Award for Volunteering
  • 2019 Launch of latest new workshops: World of Energy & Future Transport
  • 2020 Making our activities, festivals and challenges virtual due to COVID-19