The success of our programmes depend on the support of our many enthusiastic volunteers. Could you become one of them? 
SATRO's aim is to introduce young people in education to professionals of all types and those that work in their local community.   This provides an opportunity to learn about work, the workplace, job roles and career pathways. 

SATRO's events allow volunteers to participate in discussion with young people as it is shown that such meetings can challenge perceptions and instil aspirations for the future. 

SATRO's activities and programmes run predominantly in Surrey and its border counties. 
Volunteering for SATRO
Why Volunteer?
Volunteering for SATRO offers the opportunity to develop new skills and put your own experience and knowledge into practice. By sharing your industry and work-related expertise with young people in education, you will open their minds to a world of possibilities and career paths.

The benefits of volunteering for SATRO are many but include: 
  • Making a difference and taking on a challenge
  • Helping young people put their skills into practice and understand pathways to employment
  • Being a role model for young people as they make their own decisions and choices
  • Having a positive impact on your community 
  • Learning skills as part of your own development and career progression 
  • Making new friends, expanding your network and boosting your own skills
  • Gaining confidence and self-esteem in your abilities 
  •  And most of all - have fun! 
"SATRO does what it says on the tin "inspiring young people" so this sits nicely with my beliefs. SATRO is well organised and has a team, associates and volunteers that hold a common goal. Every event is enjoyable and I have made many friends. I must add that my employer, Willmott Dixon, supports social engagement and allows me to volunteer without any questions."
Gordon Bell, Willmott Dixon
How can you help?
You can give as much or as little time as you like. SATRO can offer the following volunteering opportunities:
  • A full or half day in a school (primary or secondary) - typically from 8:30am until 3:00pm - assisting us  with the delivery of an interactive, hands-on activity 
  • Three hours after school - typically from 4:00pm until 7:00pm - assisting us with the delivery of an interactive, hands-on competition 
  • One to one Mentoring over a full academic year meeting your mentee approximately once every fortnight in-school or online during COVID
  • Virtually volunteer at one of our activities. Join in via a Zoom/Teams meeting and discuss your career or offer your knowledge to help the students with tasks they are working on. 
  • Providing help in the SATRO office by packing materials for our activities and events 
  • Applying your education or industry knowledge to the development of programme content 
We welcome everyone from individuals to corporate teams who wish to participate together in supporting an event as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

All activities and events will include an opportunity to share and discuss career pathways at a level appropriate to the age group of students.

Our activities and programmes take place predominantly in Surrey and its border counties with students of all abilities in a range of educational settings during term time. 
How SATRO supports Volunteers
Volunteering is an important and responsible role. That's why SATRO will support you every step of the way.   

We will always tell you what to expect prior to volunteering and provide training for roles such as mentoring. 

As part of our Volunteer Programme, SATRO will carry out Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks and will provide you with Safeguarding information. 

Once you have registered with us we will provide you with the materials to assist in your volunteering role and where needed some basic training for the specific event.

All registered volunteers receive a monthly e-newsletter to keep them up to date with developments, news and future volunteering opportunities. 

Above all, we will help you enjoy your volunteering experience and ensure that it is a rewarding one.   We recognise the contribution of our volunteers at our annual SATRO awards and when times allow we welcome them into the office to meet the team and each other.
Register as a Volunteer
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