Supporting SEN & Inclusion

SATRO works with all abilities and needs across all of our provision and are able to adapt workshops and events to meet specific needs.  

  • All our Primary and Secondary offers are fully inclusive including events
  • We can deliver our primary workshops  in Secondary for SEN 
  • Our construction programme is known for inclusion and SEN vocational training
  • Home education

In addition to our standard offers we are able to offer:

  • Timetabled sessions teaching to a curriculum topic from one of our workshops below to support STEM learning in SEN or Inclusive settings.  These can be weekly sessions, in short blocks across the year or a set of sessions 
  • Series of taster sessions of our workshops and challenges that can be provided in a series of short sessions across a term or year to different year groups.

Specific needs can be discussed with our Inclusion Lead - here

Our Events
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Primary, Secondary, Structures
building bridges s
Years 3-7
Building Bridges
Teams of students use kNex to learn the concepts of bridge design.  They then use their knowledge to design and model their own solution to a set problem.  
Primary, Science
finches equipment photo
Years 3-6
Darwin's Finches
Join Charles Darwin on The Beagle and discover the amazing world of natural selection and evolution. Explore the theory of evolution, the science behind it and the history of scientific discovery.
Primary, Science
forces equipment photo
Years 3-6
Forces & Magnets
A workshop exploring different forces, how they work, and their effects on objects.  Also observing that magnetic forces can act at a distance, attract or repel some materials and not others.
Primary, Secondary, Science
Years 3-7
Fascinating Fossils
A workshop exploring how fossils are formed and the information we can gain from them.  Using group work and virtual reality to bring the wonderful world of fossils into the classroom.
Primary, Secondary, Maths
Years 3-9
Fun Maths
Students work in pairs/threes to solve different maths puzzles that challenge them to use mathematical reasoning, number facility, deductive reasoning, reading comprehension and critical thinking - all while having fun and working in a team.
Primary, Secondary, Science, Coding, Structures
Years 3-8
Home Education
We offer a range of activities for students who are currently home educated, including any of our workshops. We also hold drop in STEM events, keep an eye out here for dates!
Primary, Science
Years 3-6
Insects & Classification
Explore the wonderful world of insects in this workshop, which looks at types of insects, how we classify living things and how we sample them in the field.
Primary, Secondary, Science
Years 3-8
Science of Health
A workshop looking at the definition of health and how it is measured through practical activities, group work and technology. Using VR technology and health apps we bring learning to life.
Primary, Secondary, Coding, Maths
Mission to Mars photo s
Years 4-7
Mission To Mars
Pupils will work in pairs, one class at a time, to program robots using BBCmicrobits, a computer and inventblocks engineer kit.