Individual Giving

We are very proud to be supported by individuals and major donors. Each has a different reason for supporting our work, in return, we pledge to be open, honest and to give you opportunities to see your funding in action.

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Inspiring a Generation

Reasons For Supporting SATRO
As an individual donor, you will have your own personal reason for wishing to support our work, this may include: 
  • Inspiring a generation with a responsibility to solve the big issues of the day including climate change and sustainability; 
  • Wanting to support STEM, Construction or Business Skills Learning in schools; 
  • Placing an importance on the need to teach vocational skills to disengaged young people to increase employment opportunities; 
  • To help ensure learning opportunities and experiences are available to young people across all sections of society; 
  • Wanting to inspire and motivate those with an interest in research to achieve their goals; 
  • A strong belief or interest in teaching work-related skills to young people with special needs;
  • A desire to support those who feel left behind by the education system to explore their options and aspire to achieve. 

All of the above present the opportunity to volunteer or simply see a programme in action as our guest.
Benefits Of Working With SATRO
SATRO is a long-standing and well known charity with the support of business, schools, local and regional authorities and business organisations.  Our patrons and trustees act as ambassadors for our work and ensure that our charitable aims are met.  

We work closely with all our funders to build relationships that are effective and to ensure that the engagement brings you the outcomes you are looking for. We highly value funding that will support our overall aims or we can offer bespoke packages to meet your wishes.  

Your support can help fund:
  • Staff time to deliver a programme;
  • The purchase of tools, equipment and materials;
  • Invest in developing a new activity theme;
  • Sponsor delivery to a specific school of group of young people; 
  • Support us invest in assets such as a van to take our work to schools. 
In return we offer all our charitable funders:
  • A direct relationship with SATRO to give you visibility of your impact;
  • Comprehensive feedback and impact reporting;
  • The opportunity to attend events and activities to observe first hand as our guest;
  • Recognition in our Annual Impact Report, relevant marketing materials and potential nominations at our SATRO Awards.
In-Memory and Legacy Giving
Whether as a donation in memory, or as part of provisions you wish to make in your will, SATRO will be very proud to work with you.   In recognition of individual interests and passions we are able to offer a range of funding packages.  This may include supporting our delivery into schools, the development of a new workshop or sponsorship of an event.

We will use your gift with the greatest of care to make a difference to young people as we inspire their learning and skills for the future.