Our Strategy
As part of a strategic review undertaken in the summer of 2020 we examined the changes in education, the issues for future generations and the changing workplace.  As a result we are refocusing and integrating three core themes into our activities and their delivery.   This 3 year plan is well underway and has been accelerated by the rapid changes that have occurred in all areas of our lives and work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
SATRO's Strategy
Our Core Themes
Building Skills: As new partners of the Skills Builder Partnership (a universal framework to build essential skills) we will be focusing on developing key skills for the future with all age groups providing a framework for achievement.  Employability skills have always been a key part of what SATRO offers, with this partnership we are one of over 700 organisations from education and industry focused on creating a shared language and outcomes for skills building.

Addressing Issues: We will be using the UN Sustainable Development Goals to allow us to engage young people in the wider understanding of what they are learning and its impact for the future.  Concepts from the SDGs will be embedded within our activities and used to encourage understanding of the wider global perspective.

Challenging Perceptions: SATRO’s involvement as the link between business and education is longstanding.  More than ever it is clear that young people need to challenge their perceptions of their pathways to future employment.  It is estimated that 2 out of 3 children starting primary school will have jobs that don’t exist today.   Our aim is to support young people challenge their perceptions and open their minds to the changing world of employment.

As part of this 3-year strategy we will continue to extend our reach and develop our programmes supported by our funders, volunteers and the local community.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are continually innovating our delivery and will increase our focus on those students who are at risk of being left behind.  More widely SATRO continues to work in partnership with organisations and programmes to extend our impact and contribute to new developments in all our areas of work.