Building Challenge

A team activity to challenge student's thinking and maths skills, teamwork and communication whilst learning about the world of work in a fun and structured way.

Curriculum Topics: Maths, Design


Years 5-6

How the day works?

Teams of six students take part in the challenge as part of an internal or cross-school challenge.

Each team member has a role to play which requires them to use different skills linked to the world of work such as team work, communication, strategic thinking, problem solving and finance. The challenge is to build a pre-determined structure as accurately as possible within the time allowed and at the lowest cost.

Students will learn about the roles within the construction industry and it's importance within society.  Where possible we like to bring a volunteer to talk to the students about their work and it is normally their role to run the Architect's office.

How much does it cost?

Usually run as a morning activity in a school hall.  Please contact us to discuss specific requirements to cover different classes or year groups as delivery can be flexible to meet needs.  

State Primary & SEN discounted*   £275/ half day 

Independent Schools £330 half day

* As part of SATRO's charitable purpose

We may have funding available to support your ability to take part in this workshop particularly for schools with high levels of Pupil Premium/SEN.  Please enquire when booking.