Fascinating Fossils
Delivered by an experienced geologist, the workshop will include practical discussions on what fossils are and how they form and much more!
Curriculum Topics: Evolution & Inheritance, Living Things & Their Habitats, Properties & Changes Of Materials and Working Scientifically. 
Years 4-6
How the day works?
Fossils and changes through time is a workshop designed to fit in with the primary science curriculum. Delivered by an experienced geologist, the workshop will include practical discussions on: 
  • What fossils are and how they form
  • How ammonites or graptolites have changed through time to demonstrate the basics of evolution and inheritance 
  • Timeline exercise for students to order changes in atmospheric conditions and life styles 
  • Brief introduction to the work of palaeontologists 
How much does it cost?
A full day at school which provides 2 sessions (am/pm) for up to 30 students each time. We also offer a discount for back-to-back bookings to cover larger or different year groups for example in MATS and school clusters.

State & SEN discounted* to £500/day
Independent Schools - £600/day                                                 

* As part of SATRO's charitable purpose
What are the benefits of this activity? 
How students benefit: 
  • Good enquiry science session from a professional geologist 
  • Identification of specimens brought to class by the presenter 
  • Bringing geology to life with practical examples of fossils 
  • Learn about a career in geology.
How teachers benefit:
  • Accurate information from an accredited Earth Science Specialist 
  • Genuine samples brought to the classroom and exercises to extend understanding from them 
  • The workshop supports the delivery of a practical understanding of these elements of study in the curriculum. 
How schools benefit: 
  • Assists in meeting Gatsby career engagement benchmarks starting from a primary setting 
  • Offers an exciting, flexible workshop to support pupils' learning 
  • Helps enhance the school's reputation for creative learning.