Careers: Explorer

An interactive virtual workshop bringing students into contact with volunteers from business to learn about the different roles available, quiz them on their career pathways and gain an understanding of the skills and qualifications they need to follow their own routes to work.

Gatsby Benchmarks:

This activity helps towards meeting the following Gatsby Benchmarks: (GB2) Learning from career and labour market information, (GB3) addressing the needs of each pupil and (GB5) encounters with employers.
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Years 8-11

How the day works?

The workshop starts with an introduction to the company and the breadth of jobs available within it.


Students then break into smaller groups with an assigned individual business volunteer via a breakout room.  This gives them the opportunity to quiz the volunteers about their roles, the skills they need and how their careers have developed.


The whole workshop then comes back together so that each breakout group can give a presentation about what they’ve learned about the volunteers they’ve interviewed.


The workshop concludes with a Q & A opportunity for students to learn more about the individual roles and what it’s like to work there.

Feeback from students highlights the value of the small group interaction


“The way you could communicate one-to-one with experienced work people”


This is a highly adaptable workshop that can be tailored to suit different year groups and many learning abilities.  SATRO staff will introduce and run the workshop and bring student materials.


How much does it cost? 

Each session is a minimum of 1.5 hours (2 lesson periods), and we can be flexible in providing back-to-back sessions across the school day delivering to different class groups.  NOTE: that time will be required for set-up for virtual delivery eg. SMART board and access to TEAMS/Zoom - full details to be discussed in advance.


Please contact us to discuss specific requirements to cover different classes or year groups as delivery can be flexible to meet needs. 

Secondary State & SEN discounted*

  • £450/ half day 
  • £800/ full day
  • Bookings on 2 consecutive days 10% discount
  • 3 or more bookings made in same enquiry 20% discount

Independent Schools £950/ full day, £525 half day

* As part of SATRO's charitable purpose (smaller SEN groups can apply for primary rates)

We are often able to approach companies for funding to support this event particularly for schools with high levels of Pupil Premium/SEN.  Please enquire when booking.