Planet Utopia

A new series of workshops which will engage students with diverse interests.  They will be challenged to explore a new planet, design the lived environment and look at what is needed to sustainably thrive as a community.
Gatsby Benchmarks:
This activity helps towards meeting the following Gatsby Benchmarks: (GB4) linking curriculum learning and careers and (GB5) encounters with employers.
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Years 7-11
How the day works?

The students are catapulted into the future where a new planet has been discovered with a very similar climate to Earth.  They are tasked with setting up a new society and infrastructure in which to live and thrive.  They will look at different careers and consider their contribution within society, debate laws, learn about new technologies and sustainability as well as design a new city.

Aimed to appeal to students across a broad curriculum there will be 3 new workshops launched this year:

  • Explore 
  • Design
  • Thrive

This workshop will engage students across the year group with different interests and who are studying the full range of subjects.  It is their problem solving and creativity that will determine their future.  They will work in teams, debate and decide on choices using a range of transferable employability skills.  At the same time they will be challenged to think about the careers that will be important within their new world and the skills that each will require to be successful.

How much does it cost? 
A full day at school for a group of up to 120 students (dependent on venue capacity). Please contact us to discuss specific requirements as delivery can be flexible to meet needs.  

Secondary State & SEN discounted*

  • £800/ full day
  • £450/ half day 
  • Bookings on 2 consecutive days 10% discount
  • 3 or more bookings made in same enquiry 20% discount
  • Events with over 150 students requiring an additional tutor + 25%

Independent Schools £950/ full day, £525 half day

* As part of SATRO's charitable purpose (smaller SEN groups can apply for primary rates)

We are often able to approach companies for funding to support this event particularly for schools with high levels of Pupil Premium/SEN.  Please enquire when booking.