STEM Careers Mentoring

SATRO are a regional partner with STEM Learning offering free online careers mentoring programme for disadvantaged students within the M25 London Area.  The first group will start 26th February for 10 weeks.

Students will choose their mentor and interact through a moderated digital platform provided by the Brightside Trust and sponsored by GSK.

Teacher information event: 1st February 4pm

Destination STEM

 Years 9-13

How it works

Do you have students aged between 13-19 who are considering a career in STEM and would like to know more?  This is an opportunity for them to chat online with a chosen mentor from the sector who will be able to answer questions they may have about pathways, what a career looks like and next steps.

This programme is being run across the country with a specific focus on areas recognised as having a regional STEM Skills inequality.  SATRO is the regional partner for the London area (inside the M25).  

We are inviting interest from teachers who can identify students with a specific disadvantage to their learning eg. low income, SEND, known to social services, mental health, first generation university candidate (full details provided in link below).

STEM Learning - GSK Mentoring Programme

The programme will take place online over a 10 week period starting on the 26th February with applications closing the week before.  Students will receive online mentoring, through a fully moderated digital platform, from an experienced and trained STEM ambassador mentor.  The will be able to get advice on: 

  • qualifications,
  • careers,
  • apprenticeships,
  • preparing for employment,
  • applying for next steps
  • and much more.......

Join a teacher information session to find out more on 1st February 4 - 5pm:

Click here to sign up for information session 

You will then be able to sign up as a teacher via this link where you will be able to sign-up your school and from there to student registration:

Click here to register as a teacher on the programme

We will be running additional programmes next academic year: autumn and spring term.


Our Mentors
Each SATRO mentoring programme is normally built on the partnership between a business providing volunteer mentors and the school with students in need of 1:1 mentoring support.   We also work with community based partnerships attracting a range of SATRO volunteers from the local area.

We train our volunteer mentors in mentoring techniques and safeguarding and will carry out DBS clearance.  Throughout the SATRO programme they are supported by our mentoring managers who are on-hand to assist and advise, as well as providing access to online resources.  

Quote from a SATRO Mentor: "I thought it would be like Good Will Hunting.  I thought that there would this maths genius who needed help setting their talent free, but she just needed to know that she was worthy of being listened to.  So if you're thinking of volunteering go do it, it might just change lives."