A World of Energy
A fast-paced unique learning opportunity, that brings the reality of sustainable energy usage and educational goals together.
Curriculum Topics: Living Things, Earth & Space, Properties & Changes Of Materials, Forces, Light & Electricity, Number, Algebra, Ratio & Measurement and Working Scientifically. 
Years 5-6
How the day works?
A fast-paced unique learning opportunity, that brings the reality of sustainable energy usage and educational goals together. 

Topics covered during this workshop: 
  • Link food to personal energy usage and electricity 
  • Realise relative energy use of a range of household items 
  • Learn about the pros and cons of different energy sources
  • Generate and conduct electricity using desk top dynamos and fruit 
  • Make jigsaws of foreign countries with key sustainability facts
  • Produce model electric cars and trade them for profit 
Hands-on activities and learning how students can play a part in creating a sustainable future for all. 

Run by two SATRO Associates with experience in the STEM workplace and training/education, supported by industry volunteers where appropriate. 
How much does it cost?
A full day at school which provides 2 classes of 30 students working in tandem. We also offer a discount for back-to-back bookings to cover larger or different year groups for example in MATS or school clusters.

State & SEN discounted* to £850/day
Independent Schools - £1,000/day                                

* As part of SATRO's charitable purpose
Students and Sun Activity
What are the benefits of this activity? 
How Students Benefit:
  • Understand where we get our energy from
  • Practical hands-on experiments to learn about energy
  • Exciting business and global electric car trading game where you take on a role within the business
  • Explore the relevance of energy to the food you eat and the electricity you use
  • Talk to employees with a passion for sustainable energy and their jobs. 
How Teachers Benefit: 
  • All-inclusive learning experience with all kit and materials provided as part of the session 
  • Links different elements across the curriculum to embed learning 
  • Students work in teams in modular sessions that build cumulative knowledge, skills and confidence
  • Students tackle real world examples from manufacturing, food and future transport 
  • Reflection and discussion are key parts of the day 'to land the learning'. 
How Schools Benefit: 
  • A new programme just launched in 2018 with huge success offering learning in global issues 
  • Helps enhance the schools' reputation for creative learning 
  • Assists with meeting requirements to achieve specialist status in Business & Enterprise 
  • Assists in meeting Gatsby career engagement benchmarks starting from a primary setting.