Careers Activities from January 2022
See below for a list of upcoming activities - stay tuned! 
Start 2022
Year 5/6 Primary Careers
An introduction for primary school students to find out more about potential jobs and careers. Activities could include: guess my job or a journey through an industry to gain a careers passport. 
Year 7 Working World Day
This activity is a good introduction for students to the world of work and to kickstart their understanding of careers learning. Supporting their understanding of the basics of employment eg. how to get a job, salaries, working hours, skills needed and life at work.   We will involve employees on the day to give a real-world view. 
Year 9 Careers on Tour
An opportunity to see a range of businesses in one day on one site eg. a local business park. SATRO will organise the day with tours and interactive activities with opportunities to talk with employees and employers.  A great way to see a variety of careers in one day.
Years 9-11 WoW (World of Work) Wednesdays
Each Wednesday a different sector is highlighted with two industry experts on each occasion talking to students to showcase the range of careers within that sector. The emphasis is on the local area job market and the range of opportunities available.  This will be a virtual workshop usually at the end of the school day enabling you to target specific areas students have shown an interest in.  There will be an opportunity for Q&A and supporting pathway factsheets will be available.