Everyone needs a mentor at some point, but for students aged 14 - 16, the support of an independent listening ear can be invaluable and transformative.
For Years 10 and 11 
SATRO Mentoring 
Our volunteer mentors are fully trained and supported throughout by our mentoring programme managers.  In particular we ensure that they have a full understanding of safeguarding, are DBS checked and know the policies of the school they work in.

We ask each school to nominate a coordinator with whom we will work closely throughout the year.  We ask that the school identifies the students they feel will most benefit from the programme.  We then discuss each mentoring relationship with the coordinator in order to make a good 'match' between our volunteer mentor and the mentee.

Each mentor will work with with their mentee during the school term over a year.   At present we are able to offer the option of online or in-person mentoring in line with COVID risk assessments.  The former will however be dependent largely on the safeguarding requirements of the school and access to appropriate technology.

Quote from a school coordinator about the SATRO programme:  "The students are at the heart of it and get a great deal from it"
Benefits for your students
The SATRO programme works with corporate, public organisation and community volunteers to provide mentors into schools.  The benefits for your students are:
  • it builds their confidence and self-esteem,
  • improves their outcomes - academic, social and employability,
  • helps them gain an insight into the world of work and make better choices,
  • improves their communication skills,
  • allows them to talk through issues and work out their own solutions.
Quote from a school during COVID:  "The last few months have been a particularly challenging period for our students, however with the support of the fantastic mentors, they were able to show resilience and continue with their studies."

Benefits for the school
Mentoring is a positive way to engage with the local community whilst meeting the needs of your students.  The benefits include:
  • allowing you to reach students for whom there is limited support - usually those for whom there is not other provision,
  • providing links to local businesses,
  • helping you meet Gatsby Benchmarks (BM3 Addressing the needs of each student & BM5 Encounters with employers and employees)
  • Improving the learning environment, often for all, as mentored students become more motivated and focused.
Quote from a school:  "The mentoring provides an extra layer of support and guidance for educationally disadvantaged learners.  The needs of each of these learners differs greatly.  The mentoring provides further guidance and focus for those who don't receive the same support as more fortunate peers."
Our volunteer mentors
Mentoring is a positive way to engage with the local community for all our mentors.  In many programmes it will be their employer who is sponsoring the programme.   This is often part of a staff development programme which means that the relationship is very much of benefit to both mentor and mentee.  We also often recruit in the local community and attract mentors from all walks of life.  

Each mentor undergoes a SATRO mentoring course and is supported by a named manager in SATRO who works directly with the school coordinator.  They also have access to our online resources to support them.