Our face to face mentoring scheme delivers meaningful and important relationships between fully trained and supported business volunteers and a 14-16 year old student. The relationship spans an academic year. Our mentors encourage their mentees to find their own answers to the many questions that they face. 
For Years 10 and 11 
Why work with us? 
  • Mentored students have improved confidence, greater self esteem and raised aspirations 
  • All our volunteer mentors are fully trained in all aspects of mentoring including Safeguarding. They are also DBS checked
  • SATRO works closely with the school to match the right mentor with the right mentee
  • Each school has its own personal SATRO Mentoring Manager who will always be available to contact 
  • We have a robust Safeguarding policy and ensure that all mentors are aware of the schools' policies as well
How does it work?
SATRO will work with the school and independently to find a corporate sponsor for your programme. We then recruit mentors from within the corporate sponsor and train and DBS check them. The school is invited to select those students who they feel will gain the most from a mentoring relationship. 

SATRO meets with the school co-ordinator to discuss the pool of mentors and mentees, to make the best match to ensure the most successful of relationships. There are termly reviews and, in many cases, an end of year celebration. We ask for feedback from the mentors, mentees and school to assess the success of the programme.

Mentoring helps towards meeting the following Gatsby Benchmark (GB5) encounters with employers and employees. 
Why sponsor a scheme? 
Mentoring is a positive way to engage with the local community, raise your company profile and to meet your CSR objectives. It helps staff development by improving their:
  • Interview Skills
  • Relationship Building
  • Action Planning Abilities
  • Supervision Techniques
  • Influencing and Negotiating Skills
A mentoring scheme engenders pride in knowing that your company is contributing to a worthwhile project, proven to be effective. 
Mentor Resources
All Mentors have access to a wide range of current and constantly updated resources which they can call upon to advise and assist their Mentees. 

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