Our Activities
Are you looking to enhance your students understanding of STEM subjects and the skills they will need for future careers?  SATRO offers a range of energised, interactive activities designed to support young people as they look towards their future.  

For schools we provide the means to bring curriculum learning to life and link that learning to the world of work. As part of our activities, we also bring industry experts  into the classroom as volunteers, helping support teachers in demonstrating a context to STEM education and to inspire future talent. 

SATRO provides workshops for whole year groups, individual classes and timetabled sessions to different groups, for example STEM clubs. What we offer is accessible to all students and SATRO prides itself in working to meet the needs of individual schools and their student cohorts of all abilities.  
L5 Business Day June 2018 -1819
Years 7-11
Business and Enterprise Game
Curriculum Topics: Number, Statistics, Measurement and Working Scientifically.
Years 10-13
Careers Speed Networking
Curriculum Topics: Careers, Employability, PSHE 
Boys (cropped)
Years 7-9 
Mega-Structures Challenge
Curriculum Topics: Number, Ratio & Proportions, Geometry, Forces, Measurement and Working Scientifically. 
Maths Challenge Girls working
Years 7-8
Fun Maths 
Curriculum Topics: Number, Measurement, Statistics and Geometry.
Years 7-9
Future Transport Challenge
Curriculum Topics: Interpreting Data Sources, Data Analysis, Population & Social Science, Planning & Urbanisation, Transport & Environmental Impact and Working Scientifically.