School Activities
Are you looking to enhance your students understanding of STEM subjects?   SATRO offers a range of energised, interactive activities designed to engage with curious minds from Primary to Post 16.  We aim to encourage individuals to explore and apply their interest and skills in STEM subjects and to better understand their application in the world of work. 

For schools we provide a means to bring curriculum learning to life. As part of our activities, we also bring industry experts into the classroom as volunteers, helping support teachers in demonstrating a context to STEM education and to inspire future talent. 

SATRO offers workshops for whole year groups, individual classes and timetabled sessions to different groups across the school day. What SATRO offers is accessible to all students and we pride ourselves in working to meet the needs of individual schools and their student cohorts of all abilities. 
building bridges s
Years 3-7
Building Bridges
Teams of students use kNex to learn the concepts of bridge design.  They then use their knowledge to design and model their own solution to a set problem.  
energy monitoring
Years 3-6
Energy Saving Challenge
A six month long competition to encourage the electricity saving in school and reduce carbon emissions.  Delivered with Powercor metering technology.
Years 3-8
Science of Health
A workshop looking at the definition of health and how it is measured through practical activities, group work and technology. Using VR technology and health apps we bring learning to life.
Mission to Mars photo s
Years 3-8
Mission To Mars
Pupils will work in pairs, one class at a time, to program robots using BBCmicrobits, a computer and inventblocks engineer kit.
primary science
Years 3-6
Primary Science
We offer a range of short workshops on natural selection, forces and classification as part of the Primary Science Curriculum.  These can be delivered individually or together to fit within your daily school timetable.
Years 3-9
Sustainable Future
An opportunity for pupils to learn about Sustainability and the solutions to Climate Change.  Students assess our impact on the world and understand how to become more environmentally friendly.    
Years 3-9
Fun Maths
Students work in pairs/threes to solve different maths puzzles that challenge them to use mathematical reasoning, number facility, deductive reasoning, reading comprehension and critical thinking - all while having fun and working in a team.
sustainable materials
Years 3-9
Sustainable Materials
A workshop with the aim of developing a product using sustainable materials for a particular target audience.  This includes exploring different types of plastics and the issues of recycling.
Years 3-7
Fascinating Fossils
A workshop exploring how fossils are formed and the information we can gain from them.  Using group work and virtual reality to bring the wonderful world of fossils into the classroom.
use this one!
Years 3-6
Build & Code 
Pupils will work in pairs, one class at a time, to design, engineer and program Lego models using Ipads, a motor and sensors.
Years 3-7
Rocking Rocks
A workshop exploring rocks, the rock cycle and bringing the work of geologists to life through practical activities and virtual reality. 
Years 5-6
A World of Energy
A fast-paced unique learning opportunity, that brings the reality of sustainable energy usage and educational goals together.
eco apps
Years 5-10
Eco Apps 
A team activity that combines learning about four key environmental issues and finding solutions within a business context.  This challenge gives teams the opportunity to be creative and entrepreneurial.
Years 5-11
Enterprise and Business Game
Teams of students run a manufacturing business for the day, taking on the roles of CEO, Head of Marketing, Accountant etc. 
sports arena challenge
Years 7-11
Sports Arena Challenge 
Student teams design and model Sports Arenas to house multiple sports at a major sports event.  The project  cost is estimated and plans for sustainable usage after the Games are made.  
Years 7-13
Problem Solving Challenge
Teams of six students in Key Stage groups take on an unseen problem solving challenge testing their STEM and work skills.  We hold area heats to compete for a space at the Grand Final.
Years 8-9
23rd March 2022: an opportunity to meet employees from the world of STEM employment and to learn more about pathways, job roles, skills and to try some hands-on activities.
Years 10-13
Careers Speed Networking
This activity involves business volunteers working with small teams of KS4 and KS5 students to enable them to learn about the world of work. 
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Year 12
SATRO Research Work Placements
 Year 12 Students undertake a  STEM based research project, working within an employer or academic research environment. The placement runs for up to four weeks during the Summer, enabling students to work alongside qualified professionals and experts.