Welcome to SATRO, where inspiring young people is part of everyday life. 
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Our Aims
SATRO is a long-established educational charity working across the South East of England. We work in schools with young people of all abilities. Our aim is to extend learning beyond the curriculum to:

inspire an understanding of the world we live in and the technology we use 
challenge perceptions of the world of work and career pathways
develop key skills for jobs of the future

The generation in education today have a greater understanding of their role as a global citizen and are acutely aware of the problems that face our planet in the years to come. Whether that be climate change, a health pandemic, sustainable living or fairness and equality in our society. They will inherit some of the greatest challenges of our time. SATRO's aim is to provide them with the curiosity to develop the knowledge and skills they will require for their future. 

As a charity we engage with charitable trusts, individual donors and corporate responsibility programmes. We offer our services to all types of schools and students of all abilities - accepting every student for who they are and not which school they attend. A key focus for us as a charity is to bring our work to elements of the disadvantaged student population lacking access to opportunities. This may be access to activities which cultivate their interests or a guide to their pathways for the future. We work with those at risk of being left behind within society and by the education system, to those with specific needs who require additional support in their learning. Providing access to learning, inspiration and mentoring that has the potential broaden their horizons and challenge their future aspirations. 
Our Delivery
SATRO deliver a diverse range of programmes and activities into schools led by our fully trained tutors and associates. We provide a full service to each school: linking learning to both the curriculum and GATSBY benchmarks, organising the event, engaging employers in our delivery and providing the equipment and materials required. 
  • STEM - workshops, challenges, festivals and cross-school challenges
  • Construction - BTEC qualifications, short courses and SEN awards
  • Careers - networking and pathways events
  • Mentoring - with a corporate or community volunteer over an academic year 
  • Skills Building - for the future: creativity, problem solving, collaboration etc
  • SATROclub - newsletter for work experience, apprenticeship and training opportunities
  • Online Resources - for learning, careers and our BTEC qualification
  • Research - participation in European consortiums in the Erasmus+ Programme
More recently we have innovated to meet the educational challenges of the moment bringing resources online and developing virtual events. In the current situation all our delivery is COVID risk assessed.