Secondary & Post 16 Schools
SATRO offers a variety of activities, events, qualifications and mentoring to support the needs of a wide range of student types and learning abilities.  We work with schools across Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire and West London Boroughs.

SATRO aims to encourage individuals to explore their interests, as they decide on and pursue their subject choices and consider career paths for the future.   We provide the means to bring curriculum learning to life through our breadth of interactive programmes and activities.  We are also able to bring industry experts and employers into the classroom, helping support teachers in demonstrating a context to and the importance of STEM education. 
All our programmes support Gatsby Career Benchmarks linking to the curriculum learning to careers (BM4) and providing encounters with employers and employees (BM5).   In addition some of our annual events support benchmarks 6 & 7.

We are in the Skills Builder Partnership, a framework supported by employers  which allows us to integrate skills learning and assessment into all our programmes.

In response to the interests of students we are also integrating the learning opportunities of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals into the context of our activities, challenges and events.

STEM, Business and Careers
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Mobile Construction Classroom
Student Mentoring
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