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Cyber Adventure - Demo - Updated: 09/12/2021
Click here for the latest demo of the Erasmus Cyber Adventure game! 
Cyber Adventure Pilot Testing - Updated: 02/12/2021 
We visited Riverbridge Primary School to test our ERASMUS Cyber Adventure pilot game with over 80 students who provided feedback for future development.  In addition teachers and teaching assistants gave feedback on how the game could be used within their wider learning objectives to keep students aware of online risks.

The game has a series of Missions to be completed online in the form of games to increase understanding of issues such as online bullying, safety, privacy,  reputation, self-image and relationships.    Alongside which will be a toolkit of discussion topics and team games to re-enforce learning.

Feedback covered: graphics, instructions, game themes, knowledge of cyber issues etc.  This will now be integrated with the feedback from the Portuguese, Spanish and Latvian schools also involved in the project.

Thank you to the students and staff at Riverbridge for their support and input.

Impact of the SATRO Research Work Placement Scheme

Following the success of our summer research work placement scheme with Year 12s we undertook an impact analysis with students.   

We can now measure the success of the programme as follows:
  • The number of students whose understanding of what the world of work is all about increased from 55% to 88%
  • The number of students that expressed  that they were very confident in their ability to engage with employers  rose from 17% to 52%
  • The number of students who had a very good understanding of what studying at Higher Education would be like increased from 59%  to 84%
  • The number of students whose understanding of the benefits of apprenticeships increased from 43% to 62%
Feedback from students on what they benefitted from:

"Learning different research, presentation and problem solving skills and understanding people's different approaches to the same issue/project"

"Discussing our projects with our supervisors before we started - not only did we talk about ideas and intentions for the projects but also about what they aim for as a company, and how our topics were important in the real world"

"It allowed me to get an insight into physical chemistry and the type of work research scientists do"

Feedback to students from our providers included:

" Her project was very original and she showed initiative and forward thinking by choosing to take her project in this direction."

" I am making a point to try to get your work shown to the Local Council as I think they will be very impressed."

"Her project was original and thought-provoking.  She used real and current examples of how the industry is changing which shows she has carried out extensive research."

World Space Day - Guildford High Street
SATRO joined the Institute of Physics and other exhibitors on 9th October to celebrate World Space Week with a day of activities for young people on Guildford High Street.  Our theme was a Mission to Mars.  Activities on the day were:
  • coding a robot vehicle on Mars to pick up an astronaut
  • visualise Mars with our 3D headsets
  • examine the types of rocks scientists are looking for
  • take the Mars Quiz with our clikapad voting buttons
Thanks to the STEM team (Carl, Karen and Jane) who handed out over 150 certificates of participation.

2021 Research Work Placements
Congratulations to our 49 Research Work Placement programme students.  They each participated in one of our 30 virtual summer research projects working with our 15 providers from different companies and research organisations.   

Projects included:
  • Are grey, blue and purple hydrogen colourful stepping stones to an entirely green hydrogen market?
  • How can catalysts help improve our lives in the 21st century?
  • Considering the perspectives of enforcers, businesses and the public do remote food inspections work?
  • Radiation is often a very misunderstood branch of physics.  Debunk four radiation myths that influence a person's perception of radiation.
  • Design and test an ArcGIS Survey123 App to engage secondary school students with, and record, local wildlife as a step towards launching a citizen science program for this age group.
  • Review and adapt Pfizer UK's Superbugs Schools Outreach Resources including to learn about viruses, pandemics and vaccinations.
  • Constructing and Building Design Management: how are problems solved?
Examples of the research done include:


We would like to thank our providers:   ANS, Armstrong Holland, Beard Construction, CGL, CNOOC, Imperial College, Legal & General, Pfizer, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, Surrey IDEA, Surrey Ion Beam, Surrey Wildlife Trust, TRUEinvio, and WSP.

CyberAdventure - Coming Soon - Updated: 11/10/2021
The goal of  this game is to raise children’s awareness regarding Internet risks and to promote responsible behaviour online. Click here for a sneak peek of what's to come! 
Virtual Problem Solving Challenge Results - Updated: 30/07/2021
A huge well done to all 40 teams that participated in our first ever virtual Problem Solving Challenge. Please see below for the results from all Key Stages:

Key Stage 3 - Winners: Churchers College - 225 Points
Key Stage 3 - Runners Up: Trinity School - 180 Points

Key Stage 4 - Winners: Old Palace of John Whitgift - 470 Points
Key Stage 4 - Runners Up: Trinity School - 290 Points

Key Stage 5 - Winners: Churchers College - 365 Points
Key Stage 5 - Runners Up: Old Palace of John Whitgift - 315 Points 
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EM3 Employers Building Futures Awards 2021 Nomination - Updated: 15/07/2021
SATRO, as a traditional in-school deliverer, innovated rapidly to create virtual delivery, blended learning and safe face-to-face in school delivery to meet COVID guidelines whilst continuing to deliver programmes to students.  This innovation has been recognised by funders, industry and schools alike. This academic year they are on track to impact well over 10,000 students across their programmes and the small team of 15, largely part-time, staff are able to deliver above and beyond to primary, secondary and post-16 students across the EM3 area. 

Congratulations to UniConnect (HEON & SUN) for winning this category. 
The CyberAdventure Game has a demo version! Updated: 23/06/2021
A demo version of the learning computer game for the Online Safety Education of children is now available for you to play and have fun with! 

Start your adventure now and let us know what you think! -
Virtual Health Apprentice - Second Place - Updated: 14/06/2021
Virtual Health Apprentice - Winners - Their Idea - Updated: 25/05/2021
Click here to view the Virtual Health Apprenticeship Winners idea of how our Health Services can be improved further. Well done team Think Tec for such a great idea! 
Virtual Health Apprentice Final Scores! Updated: 18/05/2021
Congratulations to team ThinkTec from Caterham School who won our Virtual Health Apprentice Cross School Challenge. A huge well done to those who made it to the end! You all did a fantastic job and we can't wait to share the ideas you have come up with. 
ERASMUS: Colourful World - Feedback - Updated: 06/05/2021
Click here to read some of the great feedback we have received so far on the Colourful World Computer Learning Game! SATRO has been involved in the development of this fantastic online game which is available to play online for free! 
Construction Student Success - Updated: 31/03/2021
A school which has our Mobile Construction Classroom approached us earlier this week to tell us that a former student who did the course with SATRO; left school last Summer and is doing so well in his Bricklaying Apprenticeship.

We are all so proud of his achievements including the school who said that this opportunity would not have happened without having done the course or Kevin (Our Mobile Tutor)'s support. 

To find out more about our Mobile Construction course, click here
Meet Our Mentoring and Careers Coordinator Jessica! Updated: 22/03/2021
Jessica worked for many years in commercial property as a General Practice Chartered Surveyor practicing both in the UK and Australia. Her experience included property management, portfolio consultancy and property investment. She first became involved with SATRO in 2013 as a volunteer both mentoring and helping with business games and workshops. Four years later she became an Associate running some of SATRO’s mentoring programmes and since Feb 2021 has joined SATRO as a Mentoring and Careers Coordinator.

Jessica recently completed her Level 3 Award in Counselling Skills and Theory which supports both her work at SATRO and her part time role as an adviser at Citizens Advice Bureau in Guildford.
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Meet Our New STEM Tutor Karen! Updated: 18/03/2021
Karen is a STEM Tutor, delivering programmes in primary and secondary schools. She has worked in education for a number of years in various roles: as a teacher, supporting students with special educational needs, and in museums. She studied for a BSc (Hons) in Palaeobiology and Paleoenvironments and a MA in Museum Studies before becoming a teacher. Karen also currently provides lessons for students who are home educated and private science tuition. She is looking forward to working on new programmes and supporting SATRO with all it’s objectives going forward. 
Meet Our New STEM Tutor Jane! Updated: 17/03/2021
Jane is one of our STEM Tutors and is responsible for delivering a range of programmes in primary and secondary schools. 

Jane is an experienced careers educator who has worked for over 12 years with businesses, universities, schools and colleges. In this time she has delivered a range of events, challenges and experiences to provide insights into the world of work and future pathways for young people from primary to college students.  She will continue to bring this experience and expertise to her role at SATRO.

Before moving into this sector, Jane worked in marketing within the finance industry.
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SATRO Impact Report 2020
"The last academic year with the six month closure of schools for COVID we were all reminded of how quickly the norms we accept can be altered, how our understanding of our place in the world can change and how powerful a force innovation can be in our lives."  - Anne Edward, SATRO Managing Director.

To read our full Impact Report for academic year 2019-2020, please click the button below. 
Virtual Health Apprentice - Week Six Scores! Updated: 05/01/2021
SATRO Colourful World Update - Updated: 10/12/2020 
Great meeting last night via Zoom with all of the partners. We hope to see more young people playing the Colourful World game in the future! It was great to hear about all of the pilot sessions which have taken place in all the countries and to hear about some great stories from the sessions including a parent commenting about how much her child loved the game and wanted to go home and play it with her friends! 
RECRUITING: STEM Tutor - Updated: 08/12/2020
STEM TUTOR to deliver a full range of workshops, cross-school challenges and events in schools.  Trainee and experienced applicants welcome - salary dependent on experience up to £30k+

  • Practical experience of STEM subjects & work in educational settings or youth groups
  •  A passion to pass on your skills to young people and help them succeed in life
  • Relevant teaching experience and/or qualifications
  •  An ability to tailor teaching styles to differing ability groups at key stages 2-5
  • Excellent communication skills & rapport with young people
  • Ability to work on your own to deliver a workshop and with corporate volunteers
  •  Enthusiasm to support the development of new materials, workshops and events
  • A full driving license - the role will require regular travel to schools
  • The role will require a DBS check and references
  •  Term time and family friendly part-time working available
Download a copy of the advert and job description.

Please send a CV with a covering letter explaining your interest in working with an educational charity by January 22nd 2021.
Cyber Adventure Erasmus Project - Updated: 08/12/2020

SATRO as a part of the Cyber Adventure Erasmus Project met with the teams from Aston University, Portugal, Spain and Lithuania for the third Transnational Meeting of the Project last month. 

The project’s aim is to design and implement an innovative computer learning game on Internet Safety for primary school (key stage 2) children.

This was an opportunity to review two recent publications: The Framework for CyberAdventure and our first Newsletter.  In addition, we spent a large part of the meeting reviewing the game design and specifications, with the group providing feedback relevant to the education system in their country alongside the international aspect.  SATRO along with the schools from Spain and Lithuania are now starting work on ideas for the toolkit which will accompany each of the eight missions within the game to support teaching and learning.   If you are interested in finding out more, like us on Facebook to see our most recent updates. 
Virtual Health Apprentice - Week Four Scores! Updated: 19/11/2020
Virtual Health Apprentice - Week Three Scores! Updated: 21/10/2020
Virtual Health Apprentice - Week Two Scores! Updated: 14/10/2020
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Virtual Health Apprentice - Week One Scores! Updated: 08/10/2020

STEM Update - Updated: 13/08/2020
In the academic year 2019-20, SATRO were set to inspire 9,093 Primary and Secondary School students through our STEM One Day Activities and Cross School Challenges across the South East.  This would have been an increase of (over 50%) from academic year 2018-19. However, due to the unprecedented situation we were unable to deliver all of our activities and have had to postpone them until the next academic year but looking ahead, a lot of these are now booked for next year so we plan to be back doing what we love and inspiring the next generation of STEM Professionals. 

However, we have not been quiet during these times. The team has been busy adapting and coming up with new ideas. We ran our first ever virtual Careers Speed Networking activity which was a huge success with 148 students participating online and 10 volunteers from industry. More information on our Careers Speed Networking activity can be found here. Get in touch to discuss how we can run this virtually for you or if you are interested in volunteering, also get in touch via 

In response to the COVID19 crisis, we have also been posting weekly STEM resources for teachers, students and parents for both Primary and Secondary School students which can be found here. Lots of great information on a range of topics from climate change to life sciences, engineering to space each with plenty of careers information. 

In April SATRO took the unprecedented (and sad) decision to suspend the Research programme for this year due to COVID-19.  We asked all our providers for ‘a day in the life of’ summaries to give the students a flavour of the many types of roles that are available in the professional environments.
Following SATRO’s hard work to develop an on-line policy, In May, we reached out to our wonderful providers to propose a virtual solution and to get around any social distancing rules - The response was amazing.  We asked for suitable titles that the students could research over the summer and devise a short essay and either a PP or a poster with their findings.  We had a total of 48 students who applied and 29 who took up the challenge.
This week we have introduction meetings with all the providers and the students to give them some back ground information and set them off on their research journey.  The providers are very keen to guide the students through the process and interim/weekly meeting will be held to gauge progress and offer support.
All entries will be judged by the providers at the end of August and an overall judging panel taken from our trustees will feed the results into the SATRO Awards in 2021.

SATRO has also just launched our brand new inter school challenge ‘Virtual Health Apprentice’.
The people who work for our Health Services have been bravely dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and saving lives. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions have had to adapt to a different way of working, but can our Health services be improved further? Students will be sent weekly tasks to complete over 7 weeks and the best project will win a prize. More information can be found here

SATRO are also part of two ERASMUS+ programmes as part of international teams of schools and universities looking at Sustainability and Cyber security for primary aged students. The Colourful World project is developing an online Sustainability game for Primary students and the game testing will take place next term in the UK, Poland and Portugal. CyberAdventure started this year and will educate children on how to use digital media safely and the other countries involved are Portugal, Spain and Lithuania.   

Our STEM Tutor undertook a 2 day course at the European Space Agency in Belgium and we are using this knowledge to develop our Robotics provision and we have recently acquired iPads and Virtual Reality headsets which will further enhance our programmes. 

It’s been a crazy few months, but we’ve enjoyed coming up with new ideas and adapting to the ‘new normal’ we can’t wait to see you all again soon. Stay tuned for more updates on our other programmes.
Introducing Louise - Updated: 14/07/2020
My name is Louise, I’m currently a 2nd year undergraduate student at Imperial College London and I’ll be completing a summer internship with SATRO this summer.

I first heard about SATRO when I was in Year 10 at George Abbot, Guildford and took part in one of their Maths Challenges - i