School Resources - Primary and Secondary
SATRO aims to inspire young people to understand the world of STEM. The online resources provided below are a selection of those chosen by the team to support you to continue your interest in STEM whilst schools are closed.

Each week we will provide new resources on a topic of interest which will provide: An introduction, Career information, Famous people, Resources for Learning and Links to SATRO Activities. 
We are going to start with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - STEM! We will then look at some topics that are relevant to our world today. 

For our Construction students, we will update the construction area each week with new activities for those studying a BTEC Certificate/Award or our SATRO Award in Practical Skills through Construction with us. 

Note: (these resources are freely available online we are not recommending one source over another, we are simply providing you with some of those that the team thought you would find most interesting).