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Our aim here at SATRO is to inspire and enthuse young people in their understanding of STEM subjects and careers.  Our activities and events encourage students to challenge their perceptions and look at new innovative ways of thinking as they learn.

Our team have selected this material for you with those aims in mind.  We hope it will continue to inspire your interest in STEM.

What we provide on this page links to existing websites and materials, recognising their ownership and responsibility for the content.  We are not recommending any particular information source, rather we are trying to expand your horizons in looking for information that will be of interest to you.
Introduction to Engineering
Engineering is the designing, testing and building of machines, structures and processes using maths and science. Studying it can lead to a rewarding career. Engineering is a discipline dedicated to problem solving. Our built environment and infrastructure, the devices we use to communicate, the processes that manufacture our medicines, have all been designed, assembled or managed by an engineer. 

You will find engineers working on advanced prosthetics, creating new materials, investigating engine efficiency and alternative fuels, constructing bridges or developing clean water systems. From satellites to to cell membranes, engineers use science and maths to achieve extraordinary things and find solutions to some of the world's most complex challenges.

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